Top 5 Gaming Mice of 2017

Still one of the subjugated kids in the game gear department, the mouse. Apart from the millions of LED colors, pushing buttons is a size extra on the mouse.
Aside from lowering latency and wireless technology, the mouse remains traditional in its form.

The best mouse is different for each gamer. MMO players prefer to have more buttons on their mouse, and FPS players prefer to have a mouse that is handy and responsive.
No matter which mouse you prefer, listed below are the best mice available at this time whether you want wired or wireless, right-handed or ambidextrous.

1. Razer DeathAdder Elite


“Razer’s unrivaled beast”


You know what you’re getting with a Razer mouse, and this year’s model is one of the most responsive thanks to a new eSports-grade sensor.

Razer’s refreshed rodent features the same right-handed ergonomic design as its predecessor that moulds into your hand. Adding two new buttons beneath the mouse’s scroll wheel to change DPI.

2. Creative Sound BlasterX Siege K04

“The number 1 rival for Razer and Logitech”

It does not happen every day that a sound card manufacturer makes a mouse, and not at all a mouse that can come along with the top. The mouse has 12,000 dpi and has a color scheme that can be customized by Creatives own sofware, just like razor. The colors give a nice accent to the mouse, and the shape of the mouse is handy. That makes the Sound BlasterX Siege K04 a great number 2, which will stand for some at number one.


3. SteelSeries Rival 700


 “A mouse with a side-mounted display”

A high end gaming mouse must be equipped with high end specifications, and the Rival 700 is equipped with a PixArt PMW3360 optical sensor. The PixArt PMW3360 offers 1 to 1 tracking and allows every move to be extremely accurate regardless of the user’s speed. The sensor is known for its reliability, is accurate and does not have any hardware acceleration. With a maximum DPI value of 16000 which is adjustable from 100 DPI with steps of 50, Steelseries has thought of each user. The Rival 700 features 7 customizable buttons that feature Steelseries own switches and the mouse has a lifespan of 30 million clicks. The mouse is partly modular, allowing you to place a different type of sensor and top cover. With the Rival 700, Steelseries has really put a great deal of technology on the market. I only hope that there will be a Rival in the form of the Rival 700 that does not contain too many features.


4. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum


“The ultimate wireless gaming mouse”

The new G900 is a handsome mouse on all levels. The fact that they have gone crazy in the technical field is clear, and that the resulting rodent does not undergo wired alternatives actually seems to be the case.  30 hours + battery life is not extreme, but is for decent everyday use. And considering that the G900, in contrast to most wireless mice, does have the 1000Hz / 1ms response, it’s quite a performance. It makes the G900 a really great mouse, but free from the familiar thread.


 5. Corsair Harpoon

“The fancy budget mouse”

Using the Corsair Harpoon is light slipping into a comfortable car with leather upholstery. Not a very expensive one, mind you, as the Harpoon is a budget offering that looks and feels cheaper than mice twice its price. And with a snappy optical sensor and six programmable buttons including a center DPI switch and forward and back buttons on the side of the mouse,  you have everything you need to game in any genre. Its average size makes it a good fit for both small and large hands.