cherry mx switches

Cherry MX switches are now available separately from German retailer

Although Cherry’s position is slightly less dominant than a few years ago, the Cherry MX switches are still the most common type of switching in mechanical keyboards. Although known for their durability, it may happen that a switch is lost. This is especially annoying if it just happens beyond the warranty period and the keyboard still performs well. Replacing switches was relatively difficult, but the German retailer is changing this now.

Cherry MX Switches

Reichelt Electronics is now offering a wide range of variants, to be precise MX Red, MX Blue, MX Brown, MX Black, MX Speed ​​(Silver), MX Silent Red, MX Silent Black, MX Clear and MX Green. However, some handiness is necessary, as the switches are not hot-swappable as is the case with optical switches. To replace Cherry MX switches, you need to disassemble the keyboard and have a soldering iron at hand. The switches cost € 0.61 each, regardless of the exact type. It seems, especially for the most common variants like MX Red, MX Blue and MX Brown,its not so interesting to provide a full keyboard of a different type of switch type. A quick calculation teaches that you lose a standard full-size keyboard than already € 63.44, which gives you an entry-level keyboard with these switches upon arrival.