MX master 2s

Logitech introduces MX Master 2S and MX Anywhere 2S with 4000dpi sensor

Logitech introduces two wireless mice equipped with a new Darkfield laser sensor with an accuracy of 4000dpi. The MX Master 2S and MX Anywhere 2S can be connected with three devices. Switching device goes with new Flow software automatically. The design of the Logitech MX Master 2S is the same as that of its predecessor, the MX Master, which the manufacturer has in its range since 2015. Logitech says that the battery life of the mouse has improved; The new model would take up to seventy days on a load. For the previous model it was forty days. If the mouse is empty, it can be connected on a micro-usb cable to reload. Three minutes of loading must be sufficient for eight hours of use.

MX Master mice

According to Logitech, the laser sensor also works on glass. The new sensor is more accurate than that of the previous MX Master mice, which have a sensor with a maximum accuracy of 1000dpi. Like the first MX Master mouse, the new model has a customizable scroll wheel. With a button below the wheel, users can choose a resistor mode and a mode without scrolling quickly. The resistor mode has a speed-adaptive scroll, with the resistor turned off when the wheel is rotated hard. Also, the MX Master 2S mouse has a thumbwheel to scroll horizontally and the surface on which the thumb rests is also a button. It can be used to simulate the Windows 10 gestures.
Together with the MX Master 2S, the MX Anywhere 2S appears, a smaller model designed for use with laptops.

MX Master 2s and MX Anywhere 2s

This version has the same Darkfield laser sensor as the big model and also the scroll wheel offers the same functionality. Both mice connect wireless via Bluetooth or with the included Logitech Unifying technology, which operates at 2.4GHz. The mice can be used with up to three different devices. Switching between computers can be done with a switch located at the bottom of the mice, but if the included Flow software is installed on the systems, that is not necessary. When used, the mouse will automatically switch to another system when the cursor moves to the edge of the image. The Flow software, available for Windows and MacOS, also allows copying of text or files from one computer to another. The software also works with the M720 mouse introduced last year. Flow is not compatible with older models, such as the first MX Master.

Logitech brings the MX Master 2S to the market in three colors: dark gray, white and blue.