Microsoft unveils keyboard with fingerprint scanner

Microsoft has revealed a new keyboard . The Microsoft Modern Keyboard input device contains a fingerprint scanner that can be used to sign in with Windows Hello. The scanner is located next to the right all-key.

The new keyboard resembles the previously announced Microsoft Surface Keyboard. The Microsoft Modern Keyboard has an aluminum housing. As a result, the keyboard should be very solid. The device can be wired or wireless via Bluetooth. Via Bluetooth, the keyboard can be used up to a distance of 15 meters.

The input device is quite flat and has the following dimensions: 420.9 x 112.6 x 19.3mm. Including two AAA batteries, the Microsoft Surface Keyboard weighs 419 grams. The keyboard should last two months before the batteries need to be recharged or replaced. It is not clear whether back-light is present for the keys.

The Microsoft Modern Keyboard is available in the Microsoft Store and costs $ 130. When the keyboard is released is still unclear; Microsoft only says that it will be on the market soon.

Via Windows Hello, users can easily log in to Windows 10, which does not require a password, but only a fingerprint scanner. For example, the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book make use of this.