MSI announces Clutch game mice with interchangeable thumbpieces and 3,000 Hz polling rate

MSI has announced the Clutch GM60 and GM70, mice that are especially noticeable due to the interchangeable thumbnails and extremely high polling rate of 3,000 Hz. Technical details about this do not indicate the manufacturer, but this should provide a response time of only 0.33 milliseconds.

The top model, the Clutch GM70, features an Avago PMW3360 optical sensor, set in steps of 100 DPI of 1000 to no less than 18,000 DPI. Furthermore, MSI has thought of mechanical Omron switches with a claimed lifespan of 50 million clicks and freely adjustable RGB Mystic Light lighting. The mouse is both wired and wireless, although in the latter case the polling rate is turned back to 1,000 Hz.

Finally, there are eight useful buttons next to the two for setting up the wireless connection and turning it on or off. The Clutch GM60 will see its name and featureset positioned lower, but maintains the RGB illumination, 3,000 Hz polling rate and interchangeable thumbnails. The sensor is an Avago PMW3330, again optical but with a sensitivity of 1,000 to 10,800 DPI. Also provided with Omron mechanical mouse buttons.

Both MSI mice will have be available next month for an unknown price.