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MSI provides GK-701 mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting

In 2015, MSI came with the GK-701, a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches and red LED lights. Now, the company introduced a renewed version under the name GK-701 RGB. Nobody will be surprised that this model, as every new keyboard also has RGB lighting.

Cherry MX Speed ​​switches

Another addition of RGB lighting is not the only change over the regular GK-701. For example, Cherry MX Brown switches are no longer present, but the new model is equipped with Cherry MX Speed ​​switches. This is a linear switch with a light stop and a shorter travel distance than is the case with regular Cherry MX switches. This makes them ideally suited for gamers, although it is obvious that they do not matter.

Unlike the previous model, the RGB version is completely black and there are no red accents available on the new model. This has to make the RGB illumination more clear. There are hotkeys available to help control the lighting, but it can also be set up software using the MSI Mystic Light RGB software.