Razer Lancehead

REVIEW: Razer Lancehead Mouse

When building or buying a new PC, one of the most overlooked pieces of gaming gear is the mouse. This is especially important for a gamer because a quality mouse can be the difference between victory and defeat. There are many mice on the market today designed specifically for gamers. Today, I will be looking at the Razer Lancehead.

This laptop mouse, which is also perfectly suitable for desktops, is designed with portability in mind. It is wireless, using an RF frequency in the range around 2.4 GHz. The transceiver is a tiny affair, barely larger than the USB port it plugs into.

This mouse for a laptop is made of black plastic, accented by green and purple lighting on the scroll wheel and indicator LEDs on the left side. It has a nice curve to it which lets it fit more comfortably in the hand. Compared to many gaming mice which have rows of buttons on the thumb side of the device, the Lancehead is a fairly no-nonsense affair. There are two buttons on the left side which are used to adjust the resolution of the mouse in DPI (Dots Per Inch.) This gives the gamer control over precision and cursor speed. There is a green Razer logo where your palm would rest, which I find a little gaudy. Be forewarned that this mouse is a bit on the large side. That’s fine for me, but it might cause problems for those with smaller hands.

Razer Lancehead Wireless Mouse

The maximum DPI of the Razer Lancehead is impressive at 16,000. Tracking is similarly good at 210 inches per second. A feature that really sets the Lancehead apart, though, is its frequency hopping capability. This mouse will jump around to different frequencies around 2.4 GHz to find the one with the least interference. This is really handy feature when playing in a tournament, where you’re likely to find lots of other wireless mice in the same small area. Interference there could completely take you out of the game! With a reasonably high DPI setting, I found the accuracy to be quite good. It didn’t feel quite as accurate as some gaming mice I’ve used, though.


Overall,  this is a competent laptop mouse, though a bit on the expensive side with an MSRP of $139.99. You can buy a wireless mouse for a lot cheaper.

PROS: Comfortable, frequency-hopping support, good tracking and adjustable DPI.
CONS: Expensive, not many buttons and a little tacky.