Thrustmaster Hotas One

Thrustmaster introduces Hotas One joystick for Xbox and PC

Thrustmaster announced its T.Flight Thrustmaster Hotas One joystick yesterday, calling it “the first joystick with an official license for the Xbox One”. The flight stick has the same design as the ‘regular’ T.Flight Hotas, but with the addition of buttons for the Xbox One. The stick also works in conjunction with Windows 10, 8 and 7.

The joystick resistance can be adjusted to the user’s preference and the foot is increased so that the flight stick stays stable. The throttle can be detached from the joystick so users get an “authentic pilot experience”.

Thrustmaster Hotas One

Flight simulators that use a stirring system are also thought of: the Hotas One has two options here. Either turn the joystick handle (with built-in locking system), or use the progressive handle at the bottom of the throttle. Users who prefer to use real pedals can also do this because the Hotas one is part of the Thrustmasters flightsim ecosystem.

Thrustmaster also reports that it has collaborated with game developer Frontier, to ensure complete support for Elite Dangerous. Frontier released a patch yesterday to offer this compatibility.

The T.Flight Hotas One is available from 7th of October and has an advisory price of 80 dollar.