TT esports level 10

Tt eSPORTS Level 10 M Hybrid Advanced Gaming Mouse

Thermaltake’s eSports division, Tt eSports, has released an update to the TT eSports Level 10 M Hybrid Advanced Wired / Wireless Gaming Mouse. Tt eSports has published several updates since its debut on the 10M, including in 2014 when the mouse became a hybrid mouse (wireless / wired).

Now the Level 10 M has been updated, this time with up to 16,000 DPI and new RGB lighting. The new TT eSports Level 10 M features two zones of RGB lighting that can produce 16.8 million colors. Just like many other RGB products, the new Level 10 M can illuminate, pulse or cycle through a spectrum of colors. It has the same Omron switches, Avago 9800 laser engine, “aerodynamic honeycomb design” and 128KB of internal memory. The level 10 M also comes with its own software to program the mouse and keys.

Wireless gaming mouse

Using the latest in wireless technology, the Level 10 M provides wireless movement with utmost accuracy and control. The last thing you want an eSports-targeted mouse to do is freeze up in a crucial moment.
The battery should give you a lasting playtime of up to 15 hours and requiring 4 hours to charge.
Thermaltakes Level 10 M 3D Steering Axis System provides optimal vertical and horizontal angle adjustment that allow enthusiasts to customize both the height and angular direction of the mouse to suit their personal preferences.

Thermaltake said the new Level 10 M Hybrid Advanced Wired / Wireless Gaming Mouse will retail at $90, the debut time is still unknown. You can learn more about the mouse on the Tt eSports website.

TT eSports level 10 Specificatoins

Color Black
Sensor Avago 9800
DPI Default: 800, 1,600, 3,200, 5,000

Maximum: 16,000

IPS 150
Acceleration 30g
Polling Rate 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, or 1,000Hz
Number of Buttons 6
Button Manufacturer Omron
USB Cable Length 1.8m
Dimensions 130.75 x 87.35 x 40.53mm
Price $90