Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, Best and Budget

A mechanical keyboard is a keyboard based on mechanical keyswitches. This means that each key has its own, mechanical ” switch ” that records each stop. These switches give a unique feel to the keyboard, take a long time and generally give more typeface than the above-mentioned rubber dome switches.
Today we look at the wireless variant of the mechanical keyboard.
There are several great wireless mechanical keyboards.
Below are the 5 mechanical keyboards that are currently top of the notch.

Filco Majestouch Convertible 2

Majestouch Convertible 2 Blue switch/US ASCII FKBC104MC/EB2

This company is known for the sturdiest of the keyboards that they make. This board is full size with 104 keys and ABS keycaps.
There are four options when it comes to the colors of the switches: brown, red, cherry MX blue, and black.
Therefore, if you need to have the number pad on your keyboard, this is the one that you want to use. It is very large for a keyboard because it weights about 2.7 pounds.It takes two standard AA batteries to work but you can also use the power of the USB drive when you are connected to the Bluetooth. There is a battery saving mode on the keyboard allowing it to fall asleep if you have not used it for at least 30 minutes. It is only going to cost about two hundred dollars so you will still be able to get it even when you are on a limited budget, which makes it affordable.

Filco Majestouch Minila Air

USA Majestouch MINILA Air 67 Key Tactile Action Bluetooth Keyboard FFBT67M/EB

It is more of compact keyboards so it is not going to have the arrow buttons, number pad, F1 through F12 keys that are dedicated. They are still on the keyboards, you will just have to use the function key in order to get to them. This means that it is a smaller so you will have an easier time traveling with it. The switches on it are available in brown, red, and cherry gateron blue.

The keycaps are made of the material that usually used in the more expensive brands so it is going to be more wear resistant and will not change colors as it ages like the ABS plastic normally does. Therefore, it is not going to fade over time. The keys are GB backlit with a LED that can be a wide variety of different colors.

With all of these features, you would think that it would cost you a lot of money but in fact, it is budget friendly because it runs between seventy and eighty dollars so it makes it very cheap.

Varmilo VB87M

Varmilo 87 Key Bluetooth Cherry Blue Switches White PBT Keycaps Laser Printing Mechanical Gaming Keyboard VB87MCN/EBW3 VB87M

There are only 87 keys so the layout is mid-sized. It is not considered a full size or a compact. No batteries are needed because it has a built-in rechargeable battery. The cherry switches come in a variety of different colors like black, red, blue, and brown or gateron are clear, brown, red, blue, and black. You can also get the keycaps in white or black.
Even though the legends are laser etched, you are not going to have to worry about them fading because they have been side printed.

There is also LED GB backlights since the legends are not translucent they will not be illuminated in the backlighting. Most of the time, you will be able to buy one for about one hundred forty dollars but they are not that easy to find. Most of the reputable shops are never going to have them in stock because they are so cheap so if you find one snatch it up.

Drevo Calibur GB 71 keys

DREVO Calibur 71-Key RGB LED Backlit Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Mechanical Keyboard Blue Switch Black
As the name entitles, there are only 71 keys available. The arrow keys are available on it with the key design that looks like it is floating. It comes in white or black in a thin and long profile. The length is longer but the depth is shorter. It is very cheap because it is only about sixty dollars but you are definitely going to get your sums of money worth it. The switch only comes in clickly Blue or linear Black so this is one of the ways that the company was able to make this one so affordable.

Therefore, it is going to be low quality but made with membrane type rubber dome boards. You can adjust the brightness on the backlighting so that you can customize the colors of the keys. The battery is going to last a person about 20 hours since it is a rechargeable internal battery. The backlighting will cut off when a person is not using it to help save the battery life.

Filco Majestouch Minila Air

USA Majestouch MINILA Air 67 Key Tactile Action Bluetooth Keyboard FFBT67M/EB
It is very compact and the layout is quirky. The keys are strangely positioned but it is still a great one. Even though it is small weighing at about 1.5 pounds, it is built very well. The two Function keys are located at the bottom instead of the top like it usually is. This allows a person to get the most effective work done while they are using it. The options for a switch is Blue, brown, black, and red.

Since they are an industry standard, they are going to be very predictable and boring. The biggest issue that happens here is with the materials that it is made from. It is made of plastic with the legends that are pad printed. But it is very easy to find the replacement for the legends or keys if you need to when they fade. These are some of the most popular that once you have owned one Filco, you are going to want to purchase another one.